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Customer Testimonials


I lead a relatively active lifestyle, but also have a job that involves sitting at a desk in an office five days a week. Since starting to visit Becky for deep tissue massages on a regular basis, I have become much more aware of the tension that has built up in my back and shoulder muscles over the past few years. The massages have been excellent in relieving this tension, leaving me feeling much more energised and has helped a great deal in improving both my posture and flexibility. The service Becky provides is superb and I would recommend her to anyone.


- Ian Briggs, IT Professional


"As an avid road cyclist, I’m constantly searching for effective ways to improve my performance and have found that looking after my muscles is key. The combination of hard training, club riding and a busy lifestyle, can put serious strain on my muscles and I’ve found Becky’s deep tissue massage techniques hugely beneficial in terms of better flexibility, less muscle tightness/pain and improved suppleness. I have felt really positive results in being able to achieve better power output on the bike and hence improved overall performance. I have to say Becky’s particular attention to my ITB, adductors and quads have made a world of difference to my riding and left my club mates scratching their heads as to the secret of my new-found performance"

- Tony, Builder


"‘Becky helped me out when I was having issues with my I. T band when running. It took just one session to diagnose the issue and with only 2 sessions and a good stretching routine I was back to training. Not only is Becky excellent in the work that she does but, due to her friendly and talkative personality, it’s a pleasure to spend 45 minutes in her company… Big Thanks Becky.’"

-  Rob, Triathlete