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Involved in competitive sport? 

Training hard? 

Sore muscles during or after exercise? 

Is an injury preventing you from exercising? 

Recently taken up or returned to physical activity? 



Muscular pains? 

Aching, stiff joints? 

An injury that’s not getting better? 


A medical condition that would benefit from sports massage? 



Do you finish the day with pain in your back, neck or wrists? 

Do you have a physically demanding job? 

Off work through back pain or repetitive strain injury? 

Does work make you mentally stressed and physically tense? 

Aching from cooking, cleaning, gardening or decorating? 



Suffering from backache, shoulder or neck pain? 

Tired all the time or having difficulty sleeping? 

Are you bothered by leg cramps, swollen ankles/hands? 

Developing varicose veins, stretch marks? 

Feeling anxious or stressed at this time of transition? 


You can by consulting Becky of Musclefix. Becky provides sports in Brough, East Yorkshire. She will devise a programme of massage and recommend stretching to suit your needs, be it injury, strain or stress-related pain.

You do not have to be an athlete to need a massage. Any physical activity that puts added strain on your soft tissue, from a bad driving position, repetitive activities such as typing or knitting, gardening or DIY, to any form of sport from hobby to professional level, may cause stiffness or pain.

Becky is an approachable, professional practitioner who asks her clients to work with her to get the best out of any massage.

Using a combination of skills, Becky provides bespoke massage tailored to individual clients' needs.